A while ago Lisa did a post about the nail polishes of Scotch Naturals and while searching for Japanese design I came across Nendo’s branding of the Three cosmetics. What I like is that depending on if its make up or other products Nendo have kept the same look but with a slight difference in the colour palette. The make up has a dark grey colour to the none glass parts compared to the Skincare having a more pale off white. The very simple bold and capitol letters of THREE across the bottles just stands out.

In this day and age some designs can get really over complicated and almost messy but both Nendo’s Three branding and Scotch Naturals go a long way to prove that sometimes the simple is best, look at Apple, very little flashy lights but they are the brand to be at the moment.

I will show a couple of other pieces of Nendo’s work in the coming weeks so stayed tuned or use the RSS feed to keep up dated.

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