The summer heat has hit some crazy highs this year and keeping cool is on the top of everyones list, but there’s nothing stopping you from being stylish and cool this summer. Today we’re bringing you some of the coolest designs in fans.

Dyson Air Multiplier
Well we couldn’t do a post about fans without mentioning the Dyson Air Multipler. This innovative fan has certainly made a name for itself in the news world. It uses the trademarked Air Multiplier technology which draws air in rather than chopping through the air like a conventional fan. One of the key benefits of this is of course you don’t have to worry about little fingers being hurt as there are no blades to worry about.

Dyson Air Multiplier

Where can I get one? All styles are available from Dyson.
How much are they? The DESK is the smallest in the range and is £199.99, moving up to the TOWER for £299.99 and then on to the PEDESTAL for £299.99
What’s your honest opinion? When it comes to Dyson products, the quality, functionality and style usually correspond well to the price which is why Dyson have built a great reputation. Although these do seem like pricey fans, I wouldn’t be surprised if once you’ve bought this, you’ll never need another fan again. Would we buy one? Not sure, we would certainly want to have an in depth look and demonstration before we made a final decision.

Brisa 2000
The Brisa 2000 ceiling fan from Matthews Fan Company, takes the functionality of the traditional ceiling fan with the added functionality of a traditional desk top fan and combines the two to bring you a ceiling fan that provides more air flow by rotating around it’s large centre sphere.

Brisa 2000

Where can I get one? More information and pricing is available at Matthews Fan Company.
What’s your honest opinion? We’re all for quirky things here and in theory this fan makes sense as it not only has the fan circulating as a normal desk top fan would but making it rotate at the same time is sure to keep the air moving more freely, thus providing a cooler room environment. As for style, I think it would look better in a warehouse, loft style place than it would in a traditional Victorian terrace.

Sycamore Fan
Quiet, efficient and a beautifully organic shape that generates a natural breeze. Designed by Sycamore Technologies in Australia, this award winning design illustrates how good function doesn’t have to succumb to bad design.

Sycamore Fan

Where can I get one? There are stockists all over the world, so check out the Sycamore site to find one closest to you.
What’s your honest opinion? Matthew was lucky enough to see the prototype of this fan and he was very impressed with it’s unique yet organically simple shape, that would look at home in a clean modern building or an older style home.

Cirque by G Squared Art
Another award winner, this piece of art sculpted by Mark Gajewski from G Squared Art, provides a great looking unique product. With the bonus of a light this fan has the practicality and the looks to win a few fans.

Cirque by G Squared Art

Where can I buy one? The Cirque is available directly through G Squared Art.
What’s your honest opinion? It’s definately an eye catching design that would look great in any room of the house or office, and as ceiling fans go, this one does have a certain style that takes my fancy. Would I buy it? Probably not but only because we’re not ceiling fan kind of people, but if we were in the market for a ceiling fan, then we would certainly be taking a closer look at this one.

Flower Power
The Flower Power floor fan by Heckhausen & Zetsche is the perfect choice for those who want a stylish fan for their kids rooms but don’t want to worry about their fingers getting hurt. The Flower Power has a safety mechanism which stops the light weight, curved blades if you put your fingers near them.

Flower Power Fan Where can I get one? This has been a tricky fan to source online but it is available from Design Me.
How much are they? From the Design Me site it’s £499.00.
What’s your honest opinion? A while ago we saw this fan in the flesh and feel in love with it. It was incredibly quiet, sturdy and the blades really did stop rotating once I’d put my fingers near them. We were so impressed with this fan that it’s definitely one we’d want to buy. Did we mention that it also comes in a desk top size? How cute is that.

Flower Power Desk Top Fan

The Ribbon
The Ribbon ceiling fan from Australian industrial designer Ben McMahon, takes the simple beauty of a ribbon fluttering in the air and recreates it in a product that efficiently provides cool air while giving the illusion of it hovering in the air.

Ribbon Fan by Ben McMahonWhere can I get on? The Ribbon was a one-off design that is yet to be released into the market, but if you want more information or want to find out more about Ben McMahon, check out his site for more.
What’s you honest opinion? We’re impressed by it, particularly it’s hovering look when it is on. Would we buy it? If it was available for purchase, we’d certainly go and have a look at it as we do really like different things that function well.

So what do you think? Can the simple functionality of a fan be great to look at, or is a fan only there to perform one function and the look of it doesn’t matter? We’d love to know what you think so leave us a comment below.

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Images from Dyson, Matthews Fan Company, Sycamore Technologies, G Squared Art, Design Me and Gizmag.

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