I was out today doing a little hunt for packaging design and came across 2 products that I really like the look of, the first is this bottle of Pure Green Vodka. I am not quite sure why it caught my eye as its only a bottle, but the slim tapering body and the solid base along with the crisp shoulder makes it stand out from the other bottles. But the leafless tree and the almost subtle font’s used make it so appealing. Unfortunately I cannot tell you if the product is as good as the bottle.

Now cask/boxed wine has a pretty low appeal to most people and most of the boxes are just that a box with a picture and the wine details on it. I have not really seen anything that has tried to break to mould until I spotted this range of wine’s from Vernissage. They do look like a handbag, whether you think thats a good thing or not is subjective but you cannot take it away from them about thinking outside the box for a box. They do white, red (show) and a rose and all three use the gold checker and then different colours to differentiate the grapes. Again not sure what the product is like but if your after our opinion please get in touch.

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