So Julia Lohmann is one of the tutors on the Design Products, which you can read about here, course at the RCA and I would probably class her work as more installation art over consumer product, but never the less I still really like the use of different materials and boy are they different.

The lamp shade above is made from kelp seaweed and in some of the pieces it almost has the look of leather. Its an interesting material and obviously has more uses than I was giving it credit. Also abundant and enviromentaly friendly

The above lamps are made from cows stomachs, yuk you say? I thought the same when I first read it but there is something about the honeycomb-ish shape that I like and along with the soft glow in the picture above if you did not know you would probably be fine with it.

She also makes things with bones, sheeps stomachs and casts from the inside of an animal. Wierd and cool at the same time not something many designers can carry off.

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