Yes! There you have it, I’m saying it. I am jealous of all you women out there and the choices you have when it comes to . . . Shoes!

People that know me know I like my shoes. They can make or break an outfit, set you apart in a crowd, take you from point A to point B but most importantly make you feel good.

The reason for my jealousy is the lack of choice in mens footwear. Black, brown, or. . .we’ll that’s it really, unless you go into a sports store and then all the colours of the rainbow are there but in a very casual design.

I have found a few pairs over the years that go a little beyond the norm. Geox do some interesting designs with a mix of materials and air breathing sole, bringing  a little engineering geek joy to me, but they still stick with the black, brown and and hint of gold colour schemes which although they are super comfortable, the designs are a little lacking to me.

Red Loafers

While in Gothenburg, Sweden I found a pair of red suede and a pair of white leather loafers which personally I think they  do make a good pair jeans stand out although the red suede isn’t the best choice when it rains.

Ecco Receptor Extreme Viking

Ecco have an interesting mix of sports and street shoe with their unique over-moulded sole but again they haven’t stepped out of the box when it comes to colours.

Brando Boots

Brando is favourite brand, both the boots and shoes I own have a long, low toe area which gives my feet a better proportion to my body, but an all day trek around the city really can hurt the feet.

Detny Shoes

My best, favourite, loved and nearing the end of their walking career shoes, are my Detnys. I found these on a 5 day stopover in California about 8 years ago. They have trekked the temples of Japan, danced their way through many a nightclub and have done me proud. They look great dressed up or dressed down, have a funky bowling shoe style, and although they’re mainly brown, the red leather and different shades really help make these shoes a little unique. Did I mention how comfortable they are? Wow! You could walk around all day long and thanks to the super comfy, sneaker like design of the cushioned sole, there is no pain. I absolutely love these shoes but the only problem is that they are only sold in the USA. I’ve tried to contact them to see if they will send them to the UK but no such luck.

So all you men out there, I want to know what is your favourite pair of shoes? And Detny if you’re reading, please, please, please can you send some shoes to the UK.

Jealousy image from Mediocre Mama. Ecco Receptor boot image from MX Sport.

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