Four blogs down and I’m starting to see why people don’t use iWeb for blogging. sure, we will still continue to use it for our other family sites but when it comes to a site that you want more than just your mum and dad to look at iWeb just isn’t doing the job.

We’re currently using iWeb 09 which has given us the much needed feature of allowing us to publish to a non MobileMe account. this really doesn make things a lot easier in that we now only have to click one button and the uploading is all done.

The downside to this of course is that there are feature restrictions when uploading to a different host. for instance there’s the blog commenting system, which seeing as this site is all about getting people involved in discussing design, it could be quite a useful function to have, but this is something only reserved for MobileMe accounts.

Then there’s the site search that once again unless you have a MobileMe account you can’t use and when trying to add a Google Custom Search to the site, it doesn’t seem to like that either.

The main blog page is another issue as there are only so many ways you can have it laid out but more so is the frustration I get when I’ve added more than the standard one image to a blog entry and yet it refuses to be shown on the main page, leaving a large empty gap.

The whole idea behind iWeb was that it was a simple to use website making tool, and for the most part it is. I absolutely love it as a web design tool and it has done exactly what I want it to do for our main website, but when it comes to blogging, Apple need to decide whether or not they want to start competing with the likes of WordPress and Blogger, because if it stays as is, Oddity News is destined to make it’s move.

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