Is social media killing your creativity?

Is Social Media Killing Your Creativity?

Can you believe Facebook is over 10 years old? I remember signing up to it back in the day and thinking it’s a cool way to connect with friends and family from around the globe but I couldn’t see it taking off the way that it has. Social media has become such an integrated part of our lives, not just our personal but our business lives too. It’s allowed small and large business alike to flourish by connecting with their existing and new customers.

We all know social media can be a great time-waster which naturally kills productivity but I’m more interested in the demise of creativity now that social media has become such a huge part of our businesses.

I know you’re probably thinking “What on earth is this crazy lady on about, surely social media is what helps to inspire me and keep me creative??” And yes, this is true of most people and businesses. I for one love using Instagram and Pinterest to gain inspiration for new designs, but after speaking with some small business owners the other day I got the feeling that while these tools are fantastic for business, they are also becoming such a strict part of the business and it’s lost the magic of capturing candid moments.

We had been chatting about Instagram and how it’s a wonderful way to showcase new and existing products but it can also take a lot of time. Then one business owner mentioned that her Instagram feed was calculated! She had me stumped! As part of a seminar she went to, she was given a list of instructions on how to use her Instagram feed and how each first and third image needed to consist of certain “images” and every forth had to have a certain “message”, the list went on and on. Others in this group were saying what a fantastic idea, makes it so much easier, etc, etc; I on the other hand, walked away thinking how sad that we’ve managed to turn a creative outlet into something so corporate!

Now look, I’m all for everyone having their own opinion and own ways to do things, so if having a calculated feed works for you, then by all means go for it. For me though, I’m a creative person at heart and whilst I’m always one for a good list, I love that social media lets me market my business as I want. There are no rules! If I want to publish ten images filled with cats, then I’ll do just that, it’s my own creative outlet that I can share with the world.

For me, social media allows new and existing customers all over the world to get a glimpse into our business. Not just our products which they can see on our website and at markets, but the processes we use, the techniques, our muses, and I think sometimes we forget this. Too often it’s all about making money and we forget that it’s the creativity that got us to the point where it can make money.

I’m not here to tell you what to do, or how to run your social media feeds but maybe I can inspire you to keep things a little more creative and a little less corporate. As I mentioned in this post, your blog and your social media sites are a way to show who you are not what someone else wants you to be.

You Know You're Amazing Right?

Speaking of being creative, we’ve got a lovely free print for you to download and use however* you like. Print it, put it in a frame, use it as your desktop image, the choice is yours.


*Note that this is for personal and limited commercial use only. You can print it or share it but under no circumstances can you sell it. We wanted to make something lovely and inspiring for everyone to share.


Lisa Lloyd

I'm a graphic designer, blogger, print maker and lover of food. I love working with small businesses and making their branding shine.When I'm not in front of the computer, I'm hanging out with the coolest people I know (the hubby, the toddler and two puppies).

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