With all the junk mail going around and the use of clever advertising it is becoming more necessary to have anti-virus programmes on your computers and to do proper off computer backups, so we have currently 3 copies of data from the computers just to be extra safe. Most hard-drives are boxes or various materials and colours but overtly a box, which is why the design from Hyuh Jin Lee made me smile. Yes it might look like an IV drip but it is in fact an anti-virus and cleanup device for your computer with a hard drive inside. Its such a nice take on the normal hard drive in a box and with the added extra.

I have just got back into looking at MC Escher pictures that go from one thing to another, birds to fish for example, and this light from Hyuh Jin reminds me of those. Is it 2 people looking at each other? What about a table? Maybe a champagne glass? Either way it would be a cute little effect light and if your into profile pictures you could make your own.

So two very different products and there are several more products on her website.

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