Halloween is approaching and there’s plenty of costumes out there to help bring out the spookiness in you. But with the good, always comes the bad and here are some hilarious examples of halloween costumes gone bad.

This baby is clearly not happy with his costume choice.  Maybe he too is wondering whether he’s meant to be a chicken with an alien sticking out of him, or he’s an alien stuck in a chicken suit? Either way he’s looking a little terrified.

I don’t know what’s cuter, the baby or the googely eyes? So cute.

The lobster baby was cute but these are a little wacky. Is the hamburger guy is way too happy being a burger or is it just me?

This one cracks me up! The little arms on the suit are just so funny.

Have you seen any weird or wacky halloween costumes? We’d love to see them, so leave a comment or tweet us, and if you’re in the halloween mood, check out these cool pumpkins.

Images from Smiling Mom, Al Bruno 3 and Say No To Crack.

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