At Quirk Design we often look at different products for researching design, branding and market position and one of the most varied product groups I think is the hifi market. From the cheap mp3 player up to, almost, cost no object components that are made to order.

Hi-Fi itself is such a huge category starting with your basic set up of speakers and CD players, then leading to the accessories like headphones and portable products, over the next month we’re going to show you the basics, the accessories and everything in between including some of the finest home cinemas you’ve ever seen.

Be warned some of the products are expensive and if you ever go and listen to them you might walk out of the store with a large hole in the pocket, because a lot of these products are as much about the pleasure of the music as they are a pleasure to look at.

Images from The Silver Cube, HiFi Audio Sound and Astro Interlab

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