I’m already a huge fan of all things from Typo, so when the email popped up in my inbox sharing the exciting new Hall collection coming soon, I may have jumped out of my chair in excitement (true story). Needless to say, when I saw this mornings’ email NOW OPEN THE HALL, I stopped in my tracks and headed to the site. I was not at all disappointed.  I may, at the is very moment  (whilst typing this of course) have a second screen open and be selecting which items I’m going to buy. Since I’m always one to share, here’s what I’m loving.

  1. Parrot Wall Hanger $24.95 – There are no words. I love this guy; and who wouldn’t he’s a bright cobalt blue parrot who perches himself of your wall and watches the world go by.
  2. Cushions $24.95 – Little confession here, I love cushions, think they’re fantastic, they add a great pop of colour, yet I have only two….until now that is. Happy vibrant colours to brighten up any area of the home, especially on these grey Melbourne days.
  3. Rope Basket from $14.95 – So versatile, these baskets are perfect for toys, laundry, blankets, even as a pot plant cover.
  4. Textured Crockery from $7.95 – Firstly there’s the gorgeous summery colours which always remind me of the delicious gelato in Italy and secondly who doesn’t love a geometric pattern? Completely in love with these.
  5. Crochet Placemat $7.95 – Being from a Croatia heritage, crochet lace doilies have always been apart of my world and I have both loved and loathed them. There’s something so sweet about these and although we don’t use placemats, I think these would look gorgeous hung on a wall in maybe a nursery or young girls room.
  6. Assorted Glassware from $3.95 – tea light holders, mini decanters and cocktails bowls all in beautiful gemstone colours. Perfect as ornaments, jewellery holders, and of course tea light holders.
  7. Crochet Trays and Bowls from $9.95 – Adorable and so versatile. Could be used in any room of the house for anything from being a toilet roll holder to a pot plant cover. True they may be a little on the girly side so fellas you might not be so keen on them but they are very sweet.
  8. Mason jar candles from $9.95 – What’s not to love. They jars are elegant and timeless, candles are always a good thing that you can never have enough of and with the bonus of a lid, you can take them anywhere. Particularly handy for those spare of the moment romantic picnics…
  9. Wooden Candle Holders from $14.95 – Because you can never have enough candles, you’re going to need something to hold them. And because Matt likes to make his own tall slender candles, these holders are perfect. There shape is one that will never go out of fashion and if you’re decor style changes and quick coat of paint will keep them looking fresh, whatever your decor.

Any of the new collection going to be part of your home? Do you think I can convince Matt that I need everyone of these products? We’d love to hear from you so comment below.

Psst:- We have not been paid or perked by Typo, we just love their stuff and wanted to share it. If we had been perked, I think there would be a cobalt blue parrot watching me type this :)  

Product Images from The Hall, mockup by us.

Lisa Lloyd

I'm a graphic designer, blogger, print maker and lover of food. I love working with small businesses and making their branding shine.When I'm not in front of the computer, I'm hanging out with the coolest people I know (the hubby, the toddler and two puppies).

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  1. kyle says:

    Love the pastel colours on these pieces.

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