Growing Up

Growing Up Big Boy Style

Our little man has been busy growing up and just like every parent there comes a time when we need to make the move to the BIG big boy bed. Let me clarify the double big! Our little guy is pretty cool and five or so months ago he worked out how to climb out of his cot, so naturally at that point we took one side off the cot and gave him his own little-big boy bed. He’s been loving it, I mean which kid wouldn’t love getting out of bed first thing in the morning and running straight into mummy and daddys’ room for cuddles. Actually it is pretty awesome.

Now that he’s having a crazy big growth spurt and those legs of his just keep getting longer, its time for us to think about a real big boy bed. So as you can imagine I’ve been perusing Pinterest and the world wide web to gather inspiration, wishlists and of course lottery-win lists to find the perfect bed for him.

So today I’m bringing you the best (well in my opinion) of big boy beds. Be it big or small, there’s a bed to suit them all…did I really just say that??


// CABIN BED // Not the best choice for the budget conscious with a starting price of $2799(!) but it sure is a beauty. You could always turn it into a stunning four poster bed once the kidlet has grown up.

// THE HENRIK BED // Epitomises everything I love about great design. Designed by a mum looking for the perfect bed for her little one. Sleek, timeless and very Scandinavian (a.k.a. everything I love)  the Henrik is hand made from locally sourced maple. Starts from $800

// CAMPING BED // How cool is this bed? Alyson over at The Ragged Wren has put together a full and detailed tutorial over on her site. Her tutorials are excellent, check out the felt campfire, we made that last year for our little man who LOVED it.

// PLATFORM BED // Another diy option using parts from everyones favourite hack place IKEA. What I love it that it doesn’t look like a hack. It looks polished, comfortable and super function, check out all that storage.

We’re still completely undecided on a bed for little H but with these in mind we’ve got some great ideas.

Growing Up Big Boy Style

We always give credit where credit is due, but sometimes it’s tricky finding who owns what. This bed, which I think would be great for a kid even as they get older is gorgeous but I have no idea where it came from. If you happen to know I’d love to credit the maker. In the meantime, just look at it’s loveliness.

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