4th place in our top picks is a tie. They have the same shape, get put in the same place in your home but offer two different functions. The Rotating Sphere from Ornate Garden and the Archipod are two great products if you’re in the market for some additional, unique space.

You’ve probably seen other similar products that allow you to create an additional home office, elegant dining room or guest space in your backyard, but there is something much more interesting about the coconut shell looking Archipod or the James Bond style spacecraft look of the Sphere that makes me wish I had a backyard to put these in.

The Archipod is designed to provide you with a home office that’s efficient, ergonomic and little unusual. What really impressed us with the Archipod was the sound. As you can imagine, when viewing things at a trade show it can get little loud but the minute we stepped into the Archipod, even with the door open, it was wonderfully silent which is certainly a benefit if this is going to be your home office.

The Rotating Sphere is unlike any piece of garden furniture we’d ever seen. From the outside with it’s mix of aluminium, pine and glass, is simply striking. Then you hop inside and you get a feeling of serenity. As with the Archipod, there’s a wonderful silence that gets you in a relaxed mood. What’s the best bit about this sphere? Not only does it make a sweet outdoor dining area, but if you’re feeling a little sleepy, this clever sphere turns into a bed. How cool is that?

Check out Archipod or Ornate Garden for more information about these two fantastically different garden products.

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Images by Archipod and Ornate Garden.

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