As we mentioned in our review of Grand Design Live there were some products that really stood out to us, so without delay, here is the first of our Top Picks.

Contemporary artist Sarah Turner has created something that appeals to the green and the design in us. By using plastic bottles, you know the empty cola and water bottles that end up filling landfills the world over, she creates these beautiful lamps and ceiling lights.

Looking at them, even right up close, there is absolutely no way you would think these had come from an ordinary plastic bottle but they do. Each bottle is cleaned and sand blasted to create these beautiful pieces.

The gorgeous Lily light from the top. A beautiful light that would look good on a table, ceiling or if  you’re a little quirky, coming out from a wall so you see this wonderful flower shape in all it’s glory.

Gorgeous aren’t they? Want to know more? Head on over to Sarah’s site and check out all the deLIGHTful (bad joke I know) lights. Stay tuned for our other Grand Designs Top Picks.

Images from Sarah Turner

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