A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by a company that wanted to let us know that they are a new company that produces the type of products they think would be perfect for our blog. When we first read the email, our first instinct was that it was a scam. Just like most people we receive quite a bit of spam scams, so given that this email was not addressed to us individually, which considering all on Oddity News and on our Quirk Design website there are plenty of chances to catch our names, it seemed a little generic.

So rather than tossing it straight in the trash, I opened up a new Safari browser, typed in the address that was on the email (I never click the link in the email just in case it turns into a nasty virus), and to my very happy surprise, no nasty viruses or scams here.

After a long winded introduction, I’m pleased to share with you some utterly chic bedroom furniture from Eden Furniture. Why did I bother telling you my long story, well as you know we’re not paid or perked in anyway to showcase any of the products or designers that we find and in case any other bloggers out there had received the same email from Eden Furniture, we wanted to clarify to you, our wonderful readers, that we have NOT be paid or perked in anyway to write this post.

Now with the legal mumbo-jumbo out of the way, it’s on with the show.

Eden Furniture is not like your normal bedroom furniture. Yes they are functional, they have a mirror, dressing table and clothes stand like other companies do but where they differ is their commitment to help change the world. I bet no you’re thinking I’ve gone a bit nutty, but you’ll be pleased to know I haven’t, you see, every piece of furniture sold from their Eden range helps to provide homes and basics to South African babies, through the Indlela charity. And if their charitable nature isn’t enough for you, they also source all their materials locally and ensure being green isn’t just a fad in their manufacturing process.

On top of that, the designs are truely adorable. The sweet tree shape that follows through each piece makes it perfect for any girly-girl. You could easily have one piece or all four without it looking to matchy-matchy.

Want to know more? Check out the Eden Furniture website.

Psst: If you have a product you want us to showcase or review, shoot us an email, just remember that we’re always honest and we’d like to keep things that way that’s why we don’t accept any payments or other perks.

Images from Eden Furniture.

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