Yesterday I did a post on kitchen designs and today its only a part of kitchens but a very important part, the cooker hood or extractor. That thing that’s usually ugly, boxy and noisy with a little added light to try to offset all the down sides, but does it have to be that way? Of course not otherwise I would have wasted all those words above and the cooker hoods from Elica are designer led products that would fit into almost any kitchen, apart from the farmhouse style.
Yes they do the normal range of stainless boxes for the normal people that dont want to upset the next owners of the house, far too many people don’t think about themselves living in the house but the next owners.

For example the Legend above is one hell of a good design for a cooker hood and so different at the same time. The open section in the middle makes it lighter to look at and the simple vertical row of buttons not too obtrusive yet a lot more visable than the normal tucked underneath style.

Want  a splash of bling then what about the Victoria that would be as good over the table as over the stove. Being suspended from thin wires also makes it look floating in space, OK so the size might not be big enough for some cooking areas but in the right place this could really lift a kitchen.

The Alba looks far more light than an extractor fan but in some kitchens there really is a lack of light over the cooking area and it can be very hard to get good looking lights that fit in a kitchen. But the upside of the Alba is because it looks so good as a light that you could use it for only that purpose, not many cooker hoods you can say that about.

Got a bigger stove top and want a little bit of colour then I found the Ola with the tapering form and the softer edges at the lower side it is not as harsh as normal. Also it comes with the colour on the inside so that you get the ambiance without a massive hit of colour.

This is my favourite of all the extractors that Elice make, the Adagio. It is a splash back, light and extractor fan all in one so really neat, but the best bit is that it retracts into the worktop so you never need to see it if your not using it. Yes you could say that its a little boxy in the design but I could forgive it for the closed look.

But these are not the end of the range, Elica have a big range with many more interesting styles, so head over to there website.

Pssst, just a reminder that we do not get paid by the companies to show you these products and as such the opinions are our honest views, we just do this because we like looking for new designs.

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