So its the Geneva motor show time and it looks like the concept car wallets were opened up and the designers let loose. Some from old hands, BMW and Alfa Romeo, a couple of companies that have turned the corner Saab and Giugiaro plus many new vehicle launches.

Personally I look at the coverage from autoblog, both from the depth of the content but also from the great photos they take.

Here is my first round up of great design pieces from the show so far.

The Pagani Huayra is a boys poster car, in the coming week I will look at the development of the brand and design of Pagani, but the stand out part of the car is the wing mirror. In this shot especially it look like a leaf on a stem floating in the breeze.

The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept is pure concept car but the front end just looks so mean and moody with the wide grilles and slit eyes (headlamps), whether this more aggressive front shows up on the future cars is something we need to wait and see.

VW saved Giugiaro last year from closing and the Tex is one of two concept cars at the show. There have been many side vents on resent cars, the 3 small holes on the Maserati’s to the very small vent on the lower of the new Saab 9.5, but the side vent on the Tex is integrated so cleanly and doubling as some detail shape on the doors.

Saab wowed the press with the outlandish PhoeniX show car complete with appendages to the sides that remind me of a comb over haircut. Its an interesting piece and I think it probably works better in life than in photos. The stand out piece is the little plane as the brake light, small but more characterful than a normal lamp and chrome Saab.

Alfa Romeo brought along the 4C which they stated goes in production in 2012. I love the way the front grille and lower vents have been put on without being too big and yet not over styled. But here is my tip about this car, it will be based on the Lotus Elise chassis!!! Go look at it again and then view it next to this photo.

Tell me what your favourite piece of design is from the show.

Images from autoblog and freewallpapers.

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