His name is Lenny and he is from one of those companies that I know the products but did not know they made them, Monkey Business. Its a little desktop note holder that with his mouth holds a note, photo, business cards etc and in the back is space for the note papers. The head and mouth have a spring, like a clothes peg, that clamp down onto whatever you put in his mouth. They do three versions Lenny, a camel, Bianca, a hippo, and Morris Memo, a horse. But you may know this company for the Moleskine range of notebooks and diary’s, of which we have brought a few over time.

I have seen a few takes on the shaped elastic bands and these sardine shaped paper clips complete with the sardine tin really caught my eye. It takes the product and combines the packaging to great perfection. Such a happy way to collate those papers for the next meeting, it might make you a little hungry though.

Ever sat looking at the computer screen and thought it looks drab and boring save for the odd post-it note well bling it up with some jewellery. They are metal designs that come in 4 versions that stick onto the screen with double sided tape, so not permanently if the boss asks. The clock one above is cute and then there is a flower in a pot, a man drilling into the top of the screen and last what looks like a tub of paint being pored over the screen.

Have you found any other cute little products like these on your shopping trips, if so we’d love to hear about them.

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