As the winter darkness sets in here in Sweden, we realised that it’s time to add some light to the empty wires sticking out from the ceiling. Weird, I know but when we move into this rental apartment the previous owners weren’t fans of ceiling lights so although the place is all wired for them, they just hang without anything connected to them. So to let in some much needed light and also to add our own little bit of flare to our furnished apartment, we started hunting around for lights.

Before we started our hunt, we needed to set a few ground rules or else we’d end up with something that didn’t quite fit the bill. Given that we’re only going to be here short term and we wanted to send as little as possible to our next place, it needed to be cheap and easy to pack. The last thing we needed to keep in mind was that the layout of both the lounge rom and the bedroom meant that the size of the light shade couldn’t be too big, unless we wanted to keep banging our heads into it, lucky for us we weren’t after a big shiny chandelier because that certainly wasn’t going to fit into our criteria.

With our criteria set we headed to our first destination…the IKEA website of course.

IKEA Lamps

  1. RUTBO. Love the roundness and the simplicity of breaking up a basic white drum by adding the silver metal strips.
  2. FADO. Cheap and simple it certainly fir most of the criteria, but as it was a glass light it would make it a little harder to pack.
  3. FILLSTA. I’m in love with this light. It takes a boring white plastic and turns it into a stylish light with it’s curves and waves and it’s great for adding movement and texture into a room without having to decorate the entire room.
  4. BOJA. Looking a little like a upside down basket, I could see this shade working well with our furniture that’s currently in storage. Admittedly it would look a little silly in our current abode but it would work well with our green KARLSTAD sofabed.
  5. MASKROS. This has been one of my favourite shades ever since I first laid my eyes on it. Seeing it in a friends home and the way it added a beautiful pattern to the walls had me sold. The only problem was that even the smaller version was going to be a bit too big so sadly, the MASKROS has to wait for our next home.
  6. KNAPPA. As with the FILLSTA, I think this is another shade that helps give a little texture to the room.
  7. VAVA. Another wicker shade but this one had a real punk style to it which I just loved. It’s short spikes and ufo style shape give it an edge but as one light on it’s own it looked a little sad and given that we wanted to keep things simple we had to say no.
  8. LUNTA. Matt actually spotted these and although cost and packing size would go against our criteria, he had quite a clever idea. The LUNTA comes in different colours so Matt’s idea was to take a Quirk approach to things and get two of the white, yello and gray and although they might look a little silly now, they would be perfect for a Quirk Design office in our next place. Pretty clever huh? Using our company colours to light things up.
  9. BRASA. There is something really appealing to me when it comes to this shade. Maybe it’s the simplicity of it’s design or maybe it’s the dark cherry red but it’s a shade I kept looking at wondering why do I like but not want to buy it?

After drooling over the IKEA light shades, we thought what about making something ourselves? This sounded like a good idea until we realised that we couldn’t stop coming up with ideas and as some of them would need soldering irons, drills and other items which we already had in storage so we weren’t too keen on double up things, so making our own was off the list.

With the decision made that it would be best to purchase a light, we thought rather than just looking at what my favourite place in the world had to offer, I’m sorry IKEA, we ventured out to find other lights that might fit our criteria.

So next stop was our new local hardware home store, Bauhaus.

  1. RIPASSO. The shape didn’t really do it for me but that green colour, wow! I was in love.
  2. EMITION. I really liked this light. The big light bulb, the elegant black and the simplicity of the ribs made for a very stylish lamp.
  3. KIRKENES. This one has a little sentimental value as it’s very similar to a light shade we had in the kitchen of our very first married apartment. It’s not the most stylish or beautiful but very tempting from the sentiment point of view.
  4. SVEDALA. The drum is always going to look good no matter what style, colour or size of room you have. As log as you choose a fabric that compliments the rest of your decor, there’s no going wrong with this classic shape.

In the end there were quite a few we could have happily picked so we had to keep in mind our criteria before we went overboard. Cheap and easy to pack! Sadly that mean we had to take a few favourites off the list. after over 900 words on what we didn’t buy, I bet you’d like to see what we DID buy?

Ok, so they aren’t the most stylish but the are completely flat pack, thanks IKEA, and they were super cheap. Strangely enough, the black one matches the bedroom decor left by our landlord and the red one adds a much needed punch of colour to the lounge room. Unfortunately, they are no where to be found on the IKEA site but if you pop into a store you’re bound to see these colourful shades.

Now we want to hear from you. Have you been on the hunt for lights and had success? What did you end up choosing?

Images from IKEA and Bauhaus.

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