As most of you may know we’re currently a two country blog. While I get to enjoy the sunny and warm weather of Melbourne, Matt is spending his time trying to rug up in Sweden before frost bite sets in. With these two extreme climates, I got inspired to check out what’s around in home decor for these two very different seasons.

To help keep things feeling cool and looking summery, we’ve rounded up few products for the home.

  1. Now you all know of our love, well obsession really with wacky ice cube trays, so it’s no surprise that first on our list is these Chillbots, by FRED which we own by the way, not the company but the ice cube tray. They are adorable and thanks to their silicon mould, they come out nice and easy. For more check out FRED.
  2. When you don’t have a lot of room but you still want to enjoy a good old aussie bbq what do you do? Get yourself a sigmafocus bbq of course. We’ve showcased some small bbq’s before but none that folded up on to a wall before. A very clever idea especially if you have a spare wall but not much other outdoor space. For more check out Focus.
  3. I’m still in love with the flower power fan by Heckhausen & Zetsche which we showed you here. It’s so simple, super quiet and my favourite feature is the stop motion when you touch the blades, so no problems with kids getting their hands in there. For more information check out Funktion Alley.
  4. With all that summertime outdoor entertaining, you’re going to need some lighting and with all the sunshine available to us solar seems the right way to go. By the way, solar lights can work surprisingly well in the winter too, we used solar powered fairy lights the Christmas before last and they twinkled beautifully most days. Anyway back to these solar lights from Overstock, they are easy to install, simple turn on, stick into ground and wait for the sun to do it’s thing. For more check out Overstock.

Enjoy the summer sun while it’s here and don’t forget to come back today for a look at winter decor for those of you on the other side of the globe.

Images from FRED, Focus, Funktion Alley and Overstock.

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