After SCP it was around the corner to the Catlin gallery for up and coming artists in an old tram shed, a great place with size and light in abundance. There were two particular pieces that really stood out to me and for very different reasons the picture above first looked like a great peice or line drawing but then you walk closer and suddenly realise that they are not lines but writing, WOW. The detail is amazing and in fact the writing it’s not just random words or thoughts but the artists life history and at the end of the lines are little dots of gold that just sparkle in the light. It was a truly great piece that I am so glad I took a closer look at. It was done by Brigitte Williams and is called ‘Everything I Might Need to Know.’

The second piece was photos of objects but then they have that added dimensions. For instance the photo of the saw was cut down the centre and the photo of the axe then had an actually axe imbedded into the photo.

After the gallery I was off to another, the Gallery Fumi on Tabernacle Street which had a few designs in there but was not as big or as impressive as I though it would be.

Then time to wander over to a cupcake shop, but on the way I spotted I.D. Magazines office as well as several other design companies and then MOO. MOO is the company that Lisa found that prints our business and blog advertising cards so I dropped in to say hello and noticed that had a great office with the printing facility behind a glass wall. I was told they have some new products coming out so watch this space. After MOO I went and had a look in Signal Gallery at The Masked Princess art show. Large colourful pieces but not my personal cup of tea.

Out the door and time for a walk.

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