So SCP is one of those companies that really does not do them justice in that they are not just the shop, they manufacture and also do complete interior redesigns for clients. But what caught my eye, well just inside the door was some grow bags from Bacsac. I love a garden and think everyone should grow something be it herbs, tomatoes or something more eleborate passionfruit tree. Well these are though canvas bags that are divided into four so that you can plant different things in each section. There were also lots of lights with some very large ceiling pendants that had that lovely even glow that is missing from so many. It was also the first time that I saw the stylish fluorescent light bulb from Plumen and it really is a bulb you would have on show over hidden.

I have a thing for origami at the moment and cardboard engineering and came across some paper cards that you can make into small tokens of London or Paris, yeh I brought them. You can see more of them over at notedco.

Up stairs there was several items from Established and Sons which is on my list of places to visit on Saturday (although they were too far out of the way to get there).

Head over to the website for more information on them and the location of there two stores.

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