The name Dyson became a house hold brand with the intvention of the bagless vacuum upright cleaner named the Cyclone. The idea of having the air and dirt mixture spinning to keep the heavy dirt on the outside takes its inspiration from a tornado just a little smaller. The design of making the workings visable could have been borrowed from the escalators in the Lloyds Insurance building in London. With some of the pipes on the outside coming from the Pompidou centre in Paris maybe! It definitely has the workings on show and as such might not appeal to everyone.

Dyson as a company is more of a think tank with some ideas coming to the market. They made a twin tub front loading washing machine with the idea that the clothes get moved around more in the water. The design was a lot more conformist after the vacuums.

More recently the Airblade hand dryer came to market. A simple clean air blasting hand dryer that at first you wonder if it works and it does. The look takes the box on the wall of most dryers and makes a simple elongated U shape where you put your hands and just pull them up once. Its a nice change to the over annoying hot air dryers that most of the time don’t dry your hands. The more recent spin off from this technology is the Air Multiplier fan. What looks like a peice of simply modern art is turned into a safe air moving fan. No exposed spinning blades to catch kiddies fingers.

The Dyson products are distinctive but as a brand it really needs to grow and start to go against the established white goods makers, but I am sure thats the aim.

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