A restful slumber sure makes for a great start to the day so you want to make sure you have the right bed to encourage a good nights sleep. There’s plenty of choices out there from a simple slated frame to a grand handmade marble sculptured bed, but what about something a little different? We’ll we wouldn’t be called Oddity News if we didn’t show some odd and unique beds so it’s on with the show.

Rocking Bed
The rocking motion is often associated with a good nights sleep, particularly for babies, so it makes almost makes sense that your grown up bed rocks. The Rocking Bed by Private Cloud, offers the dreamer a unique bedtime experience, calmly relaxing themselves into a deep sleep by rocking. Quite a clever idea and I can certainly understand why it would work but considering in our household we’ve managed to break and fall off of 4 beds playing pillow fights, I’m not sure the idea of having the bed rock would help us. If you suffer from motion sickness then this is definitely not the bed for you.
Image from Private Cloud.

Sonic Bed
Another one for the ‘I get it but really?’ category is the Sonic Bed by Kaffe Matthews. This is quite an ingenious idea where instead of listening to sounds, you feel them. Here’s what Music For Bodies says about the Sonic Bed:

The Sonic Bed is a purpose built portable venue which plays music that moves for the prone bodies of an audience, who can come lie in the bed alone or together.

Sonic Bed is also an instrument…

…This interface enables the maker to literally draw and record sounds through the 12 channel sound system  hidden under the mattress and side panels whilst lying in it ; meaning that 12 independent sources of sound can be playing and moving independently at any one time.

Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Although I’m not sure how good it would be as a personal bed given it’s coffin like look, but it sure would be perfect for your games room.
Image from Top Design Interior.

Particularly in big cities, space is at a premium and once you’ve managed to score yourself a tiny abode, furnishing it can become quite a traumatic experience as you try to squeeze the basics into a place the size of a toilet cubicle. Sure there’s plenty of loft beds out there to give a small space dual purposes but they either all look the same after awhile or are so incredibly tall that you need tall ceilings and a fireman’s ladder just to get into bed at night and don’t even get me started on trying to get up during the night when you’re 10ft high. So what so you do when you have no space? You make some.

The BedUp from Decadrages takes the good from loft beds and gets rid of the problems they cause by bringing the bed down to your level. Okay, so it means that every morning you’ll have to use the included pole to put the bed back on the ceiling, but it’s worth it for the space you gain, not to mention you’ll have a nicely made bed when you bring it back down in the evening. I”m so smitten with this bed and I’d love to see it real life to see just how easy it is to pull down and push up as the idea of being able to have the bed at a much more usable height certainly appeals to my 5ft stature.
Images from Decadrages.

Tree Bed
If you’re after something striking and beautiful, look no further than this handmade metal Tree Bed from metal works designer Shawn Lovell. Enchantment is what pops into my head when I see this bed. So magical, romantic and inspiring, but at $15,000 it’s quite pricey so you’d want to make sure this is really the bed you love and will continue to love. Can you imagine how well you could decorate this bed at Easter or Christmas? Wouldn’t it just look amazing?
Image from Shawn Lovell.

Hamburger Bed
I couldn’t put together a unique bed post without sharing this entertaining bed. Yep, that’s right someone actually designed, made and sold this Hamburger Bed. Brilliant isn’t it?
Image from Manolo Home.

There you have it, a look at some of the more unique sleeping options. Do any take your fancy?

First image from Crazy Junk Yard.

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