I like having a calender around it helps brighten up a place and also organise you but they always seem to be in the wrong place. But where is the best place to have one? The fridge door maybe, for when you get the milk out, food, snack or are just in and around the kitchen. But putting a nail into the fridge door can be a little overkill but what about an interactive magnetic calender?

Well thats what the people over at Studio Dorogaya thought and by taking what looks like the front of a badge (pins to you Americans) and adding a magnet to the back you get a calender to add to the fridge. They have made a few extras to go along with the numbers, such as planes, drinks, deadlines etc and I am sure you could add a few more to add you own spark.

There other neat little design was a soap or hand disinfectant dispenser, the MA. It works by having micropores, very small holes, in the tenticles and when you squeeze them the soap comes out. That way you are only connecting with the area that has the cleaning products in. They have made a load of designs for the top to make them a little more fun. Yes it looks like a cartoon jelly fish but anything to make people wash there hands more especially in hospitals.

Images from Studio Dorogaya.

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