We were cruel enough to show you this amazing office earlier, which just happens to be one of the most stunning offices we’ve ever seen but how do you go about giving your hum-drum chicken coop a makeover without spending a fortune or making the management think you’re about to break out the hammers for your own DIY office makeover?

The simple answer; a plant of course. Now how often have you sat at your desk, looked around and seen a few limp plants or even plastic ones around the office and thought to yourself ‘hmmm, that’s a little bit blah, maybe I could use a desktop plant?’ Well fear not my green thumbed friend, we’ve be hunting down a few sweet desktop sized plants that will brighten up your coop, help create some fresh air and even ones you can munch on during the day.

Now before I continue I need to let you in on a little secret…I did have to adapt a couple of these. Not because they didn’t work but because we had bought these in Europe, when I brought them into Australia and declared them, understandably the customs officer decided that I could keep the casings but the seeds needed to be destroyed. Sounded fair to me, so I happily handed over the enclosed seeds and went about on my way.

Now that I’ve shared my little secret, time to check out what I’ve been blabbing about.

First up we have the aptly named Eggling. Seriously, could this little egg sized garden get any cuter? Adorable isn’t it but wait it gets even cuter, why you ask, well just like a soft boiled egg, get out your spoon to crack the top. So cute and what a great way to get kids involved in gardening, but for an office plant, it’s perfect as the soil is already in the egg so all you need to do is add some seeds, in this case Cress, add some water and you’re done. One super cute, tiny garden to brighten your day, plus because we’re using cress seeds, if you’re feeling peckish or want to add a little freshness to your salad or sandwich it’s right there at your fingertips. And for those wondering how it stays up, the middle image shows the felt flat bottom on it that helps it stand adorably tall and not topple over.

Let me introduce you to the tiniest garden in the biggest pot. This is the matchstick garden, that’s right each garden piece is only a matchstick size, cute huh? Another super simple garden all you need is a pot, seed mix soil and some water, it can’t get much easier than that. It would look ultra cute if you had a small pot or maybe three tiny pots if you’re desk allows and have two or three sticks in there, but as I only had one pot with me, I decided it seemed only appropriate that each matchstick be involved in the gardening fun, so as you can see I’ve got all 10 in there, let’s hope things don’t get too crowded in there.

Now for my favourite. Why is it my favourite? I have absolutely no idea but as soon as I saw it I had to have it and I’ve thought about it’s cuteness ever since that day and couldn’t wait to finally plant some seeds in it.

This is the Postcarden. A tiny little city all of you’re own for you to green up as you see fit. How cool is that? You get to make you’re ever own eco city, and if you’re feeling really adventurous or if you have kids, why not have them colour in you’re happy little city before you plant the seeds, that way it really will feel like you’re very own utopia.

I know what you’re thinking, how on earth can you put a paper garden on your desk without it leaky water everywhere? Well the Postcarden people have thought of that so inside you’re little city is a plastic tray that allows you to lay the absorbent paper down before scattering seeds on it and drowning it in water. Such a super cute idea and I can’t wait for it to start growning.

Armed with some extra cress seeds, I also found an empty pot in the garage, filled it up with seed mix and added the remaining cress seeds, so quite an enjoyable and super easy afternoon of planting. Well, not really an afternoon, I think it took me, including taking photos about 30 minutes. Not bad for a collection of flowers and edible produce.

We’ll keep you up to date with how the mini gardens are going, but in the meantime why not check out the Postcarden, matchstick and Eggling websites to check out their other products and the photos of what ours should hopefully look like.

If you don’t have any desktop space, don’t worry these would be just as great in the home or as a gift.

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