We recently purchased a few new reference books to fill out the book shelves and the smallest of them is the Design Products Royal College Of Art Yearbook 2010 and at a mere 90mm by 130mm by 12mm thick it packs a hell of a punch of products and design, but then again these are the RCA staff and students.

It has a little bit of information on some of the staff, course contributors and well taken pictures of the students work. Some of the students have written a small piece on there page and others have let their work do the talking.

At the back of the book is the year planner of the course terms, a small bit on the Hotel RCA at the Milan furniture fair with some nice photos and a list of the students.

Well I have been so impressed by the book I have started to look into the people within it in more depth and over the coming weeks I will showcase some of the more interesting design pieces.

If you want to know a bit more about the RCA and the Design Products in particular head over to the website.

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