Welcome to November! I can’t believe the year has gone by so incredibly quickly. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and trying to stick to our New Years resolutions and now we’re gettting closer to that time of year again. But before the Christmas rush sets in, the 1st of November for us means a brand new accounting year so along with compiling all our receipts, we thought we’d have a look at numbers in design.

Maybe in a past life or deep down I was meant to be an account because I love, ok it’s more like a sick passion for spreadsheets and numbers. This of course means that budgeting and entering receipts is what I call fun and this post excites me thanks to all the numbers.

Number Cups

Number Cups
These would make such a fantastic christmas gift for the accountant in your life. Simple, crisp white with a numbered handle, the only thing that would make this mug even more perfect is our second number item.
Image and Source: Kaboodle

Cookie Cutters
Nothing goes better with a numbered mug than some homemade number cookies. Perfect for accountants and kids. A great way to get kids into the kitchen and practising their times tables.
Image and Source: Cox & Cox

Plates & Glasses
Now that you’ve got your mug and cookies, you’ll need some matching tableware and these plates and glasses from ColorStoryHome are just the ticket. It’s another great way to add some fun to your meals while the kids can practice their number skills.
Image and Source: Woman’s Day & ColorStoryHome

George Wall Art
I love this print. Although it’s been designed to fit into your child’s nursery, I think if you’re a numbers person or if you have kids in the house, this print could work equally as well in the home office or living room. Fresh summer time colours with circular patterns that don’t scream BABY, make this print a big hit with us.
Image and Source: Olli and Lime

One Two Three Clock
We couldn’t do a numbers post without having a cool, stylish clock on the list and this one from Karlsson clocks certainly has the cool and stylish factors. I love that it’s a little different from your usual wall clock, and I really love that the numbers are spelt out. If it’s your only clock in the house and your kids are learning how to tell time, maybe this isn’t the clock for you as it could get a little confusing for the poor tikes, but if you’re after something with a little more statement to it, then this is the clock for you.
Image and Source: Karlsson Clocks

So that’s our top 5 favourite number items, have we missed any? Have you seen a cool number design and want to share it with the world? Leave us a comment.

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