I am forever daydreaming about one day owning our and even building our own dream home but in the meantime I gawk endlessly at blogs, magazines and in shops for everything home related. So this morning I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite places to get my home inspiration juices flowing.


I love, love, love this site and it’s been quite difficult not to spend all day everyday on here. Pinterest is like a giant folder of all your favourite magazine clippings of inspiration but instead of just having one folder full of photos, you can find so many more images from people all over the world. Like twitter you can follow other peoples boards and even comments on images. One it’s greatest features that I particularly love is that once you pin a photo, it keeps the location so unlike you’re paper clippings, you’ll actually be able to find where you got the photo from.

Seriously, if you’re like me and have a huge folder sitting on your desktop full of inspiration, head over to Pinterest, sign up and start pinning. Want to see what takes our pinterest? You can check it out here.

A warning though, you will become obsessed with it.

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