Don’t you hate it when you come across a quirky company with some very cool products but you can’t think of a catchy title to go along with your post? Thankfully their name is pretty cool as  is so I don’t feel too bad and luckily you didn’t have to suffer some of the terrible titles I came up with.

Anyway on with the show. Now you know our facsinating with all things wacky so it’s probably no surprise to you that when we first laid our eyes on the cactus clothes line, we knew we’d become fans of Das Ding. Let’s face it clothes lines aren’t the most exicting things in the world but they are incredibnly practical so having one that adds a little humor to your washing day is an excellent idea.

Now when it comes to wacky products, I think this one definitely tops the list of the most wackiest product we’ve shown here on Oddity News. While utterly adorable, it has a kind of creepiness to it in the way you disect the poor pooch to sit down. I love the uniqueness of this product but whether I’d actually own one is another matter. The disection might be a little too much for me to handle.

While looking seemingly innocent, this shelf is not your average shelf. Have you ever tried to put up a shelf without a level or ruler? Tricky isn’t it? Well fear not my non level friends, this shelf has an inbuilt level which quite frankly is not only practical but also gives the humble bookshelf a unique little twist.

I told you their was going to be some wackiness in this post. You should really check out the Das Ding website for more interesting and unique products and in the meantime, we’d love to hear about any wacky products you’ve purchased or admired.

Images from Das Ding

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