Well it was a long walk over to Vintage Heaven, but they were closed so onto the cupcake shop of Treacle. On the way on a corner was the store Supernice and they sold stickers, big bold wall stickers. So I got some space invaders stickers, I really like the little characters so can’t wait for a wall to put them on. But Supernice distribute the stickers sets and it’s not a surprise as the range is huge, take a look at the below.

After that I was going to walk to Treacle only to be told that they were closed because the area only comes to life on a Sunday because of the Market, so be warned week days are not so good around there.

Where next you say, Spitalfields for some cake. On the way over I went passed a great bookshop called Artwords and could I have spent some money in there but I don’t think the arms could have carried all the books and magazines. Now I really was getting thirsty and hungry for cake.

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