Following on from Lisa’s post the other day about why we have been away from blogging for so long its time to catch you up on a few other things we have been doing.

One of the things is that we finally signed up to Creative Barcode. The creative what???

It’s all to do with patents and IP protection. In a nutshell, imagine you’ve got a great idea or you’ve invented something; you add the barcode to it straight away and then you have some level of unbiased protection on it. This also means that other companies and people have to agree not to use it, but as a first level of protection it is something that is dated and held offsite so it cannot be tampered with. If you sell the idea then the barcode needs to go with it as the barcode is the idea that same as any patents.

It’s a very clever and simple idea and I think particular with the huge cost and time of getting a patent. It is never going to replace full copyright and patents but could be a very good step while the patent process is going through for a fraction of the cost and especially good for people like us who have a few ideas bouncing around that we’d like to showcase to the world but aren’t so keen on having the ideas taken by other nasty people.

We already have a few ideas that we have put a barcode on, more on those in the coming weeks, but for now if you want to know more head over to Creative Barcode.

Image from The Design Trust.

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