It’s a love hate relationship with Apple products, well they work so well and continue to work which is why we love them but I hate them as they are so common and almost a fashion thing. So after Lisa ran off with the MacBook to do work in Australia it was either get another MacBook or an iPad so that all the computers and systems could be synced. So we got an iPad but unlike most ours will be a business tool over a toy, take this post done on a train journey, also the legs and shoulders are happy with the lighter weight over a MacBook.
But what does that have to do with this post you say, one word – covers. Well I brought the smart cover from Apple because it seemed good in the shop and having used it for a few weeks yes it’s good but not wonderful. Firstly the magnets are not strong enough that hold it to the side of the iPad, I have had a couple of near drops already. Secondly when you fold the cover the nice soft side that goes next to the screen when closed needs to be on the outside when folded! I want that nice soft felt to be as clean and dirt free as possible so not siting on the table, bench etc. I have tried folding it the other way but the it seems to unfold all too easily.
So I had a look at other covers and as I have said before it surprises me how you always find things in multiples as only a couple of weeks back I posted about rapid prototyping being used for products, lights in this case, and these couple of covers do just that. The above image is the Macedonia iPad cover and they do a complimenting iPhone cover in the same style so you can be coordinated. It’s quite a chunky cover but with a lot of air so should be good if you drop it. The surface will be a little rough for some tastes and the colours limited but it’s better than the normal.

Now this is also a cover from Freedom Of Creation called the I Love Downtown and you’ve guessed it looks like a city scape. Its going to be a conversation starter and the detail is pretty amazing, give me a few pots of hobby paint and a weekend to add some colour to it and this would only get better.

As I was watching the F1 yesterday this seemed pretty appropriate a cover to look like a car tyre, good for any petrol head. Yes you could say it’s a little tacky in style but each to there own and the design is pretty faithful to a proper tyre. Available from amazon here.

Retro, more on my thought of that here, the original portable music player was the Sony Walkman and this printed case makes it look like one. Ok so it does not have the shape and would have been really cool if the buttons had been there, but I am sure a few hacks of an original Walkman and a screen image of the moving reels will come out at some stage to make a more real version. I saw this one at sexygadgets.

What about the chocoholics out there? Well thats smothered by this cover found at Decodir, I wondered if its made in Belgium or Switzerland? Yes maybe its not that faithful to a bar of chocolate but at lest it won’t melt in your hand. Unique, gimicky or just a little tacky? I am not sure either but I expect a few gadget shops to stock them over an Apple store.

The last case I found comes from SigniCase and is made from bamboo which they then custom cut to your design. The one above looks like a camera but I noticed one with an Eiffel tower on it and a childs picture, when you go to there site you get to design what ever you want and they will make it. Its an great design, above, but I can see some not so well thought out ones being posted to clients and its all a matter of taste, after all its your phone.

There is also the iPhone Bird Box alarm clock and the waterproof NUTS cover that we have already covered and yet I expect a huge amount more to be cropping up soon for the iPad and with a bigger area probably some wild designs.

Please remember that we bring these designs to you because we like it and not because the companies pay us to, although with all the plugs we give Apple you’d think they would at least say thanks to us?

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