We have done a few posts in the past on kitchens but I found Valcucine and just really loved the designs, modern but not fashionable designs. Maybe it was also the bright colours that I personally think people should embrace more in the kitchen instead of the normal off white or wood. Just look at the kitchen above and tell me you don’t think thats great? The use of yellow adds brightness without being over the top add to that the use of the square dot surface and it really looks sleek.

This style has that big industrial look by using the stainless steel counter top but then pulls it back by having the wood units underneath. The end of the counter top is multi purpose because of the overhang from the units so it could be used as a serving area, extra work space or the kids could sit there and do the homework while you cook.

I just like the blue colour, then again from this distance the unit looks as if its made from three solid pieces stacked onto each other with the aluminium handles separating the blocks. The only downside is it really needs space to be shown off so it would not work so well in a smaller home, galley kitchen might be possible though.

Now that looks like a nice homely kitchen to me. But the rough splash back that has the tap in it is a nice detail and add in the integrated planter box area so that the fresh herbs are at the ready it just looks like a great place to cook and entertain. Did you notice the nice cooker hood, the pane of glass that directs the steam up to the fan area. Look at the back of the room and there are sliding glass doors to house all the crockery, glasses and other kitchen things away from the dust and airbourne grease that you get in a kitchen. Almost makes it look like a museum.

This is one of my favourites as I like the combination of materials and formats of the layout. From left to right you have the glassed pantry area, then the grey cabinet, the wall cupboards have the wood grain vertical compared to the under units that have the grain going across. The under units look like they are floating which does not make the kitchen look so heavy which contrasts with the thick stone work top in a rough finish that is a contrast to the smooth cabinets. When I read that it sounds so bad yet the picture looks so good. I also think that the design would work in so many places from farmhouse conversions to a modern loft apartment.

Now this last design was done in collaboration with Alessi and would need to be placed so carefully in a home due to the slight curve to it. The rounded ends are so different to the squared ends of most kitchens and the single block colour with no visible handles give it that solid look. This also shows the glass cooker hood off better.

If you want more information head over to the website where you can better see the designs. I would also like to thank Valcucine for the use of the photos.

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