In keeping with our current theme of staying awake (check out this or this post for more), we’re taking a peek into the world of the super mobile espresso. The coffee machine, bringing so much joy into everyday lives now brings that joy to those on the go. Unlike these machines we featured, this new breed of ultra portable, quick brewing, delicious machines, are perfect to keep at your desk, pack in your suitcase, or take with you on a camping trip. Have I got you intrigued? time to stop the suspense and brew up (ha ha) some great coffee making finds.


The first time we saw this guy in real life, we were so impressed that had the price not been astronomical we would have bought 3 of them. There’s no electricity required (although you do need hot water which can be either from a kettle or a thermos) which means you can take it with you on a picnic, at the bus stop, or anywhere for that matter. It’s super easy to use too, if you can use a bicycle pump tyre then you can use the handpresso. As with all coffee machines, they use pressure to force the water through the coffee grounds which is how you get a fantastic taste and a creamy top on an espresso. Just like a coffee machine, the Handpresso uses the same idea but instead of having electricity to do the pumping, you simply pump it up like you would a bike pump. Easy.

Besides it’s original price the other thing that stopped us from buying it was the fact it used coffee pods. Pods are fantastic and would certainly make more sense when you’re taking the handpresso on the road as you won’t have to deal with the mess that freshly ground coffee makes. But as you might remember from here, we LOVE our coffee machine and as we’re already grinding our own beans, it made more sense for us to use coffee grounds, and besides, where we lived at the time, it was quite difficult to get any coffee pods worth drinking.

Since our first look at the handpresso, over a year ago now, they’ve come out with a second model which uses ground coffee instead of the pads, which would make a good option for someone who already has a machine like us and doesn’t want to buy pods.

The design is fairly ergonomic too, we’ve held it and played with it and although it sounds like hard work having to do the pumping yourself, it’s fairly easy and doesn’t take to long, and just think it’s a small workout with a prise at the end, perfect.

Now that I’ve tempted you, let’s check out the prices.

  • Wild E.S.E (pod version) – €99.00
  • Wild Dompod (coffee grounds version) – €99.00
  • Or there’s this incredibly gorgeous picnic set containing cups, handpresso, thermos and napkins all in a stylish bag for €169.00

Check out Handpresso for more information. I’d highly recommend checking out their photo gallery page to see all the unique places people have taken and used their espresso, like on the Great Wall of China.

Stelton Simply Espresso

Now I have to admit we’re a bit biased when it comes to Stelton products because we just love them. We’ve got quite a few of their products and I don’t know if it’s the form or function we love more, but whenever there’s a Stelton product around, you can be sure we’ll be there checking it out. So I bring you there take on the mobile espresso machine.

Pretty isn’t she? Sleek, sophisticated and charming, the Simply Espresso from their Simply range is just that…simple. It’s battery powered (yes I know the image shows a cord but it is actually battery powered), so you can take it anywhere. I’ve got to say it would even be quite handy if you’ve got quite a few people over and instead of standing by yourself in the kitchen making coffee, you could bring this out to everyone, and impress them at the same time.

It is a system yet again but if it’s like our other Stelton products it will be durable, long lasting and look fantastic.

We do keep on trying to sneek a peek at this one but so far no luck, it doesn’t seem to be in any stores so until we hunt on down (yes i know we could buy one but we really don’t need one) we’ll have to agree that it’s design looks fantastic and hopefully it functions just as well and as it’s part of the Simply range, it also has a matching milk frother, glasses, vacuum flask and water carafe.

mypressi TWIST

The mypressi TWIST is new to us as we only discovered it this weekend while searching for coffee beans, but from the quick look we’ve had of it, it looks to be a good rival for best handheld espresso machine.

How does it work? Well it still uses pressure but you don’t have batteries and there’s no pumping required so what does it use? Gas chargers. Ever been to a cafe and asked for whipped cream? The canister they use, usually has a small gas charger filled with 600psi worth of nitrus oxide. Now I know what you’re thinking ‘Nitrus Oxide that can’t be good for you’. Well think of this way, it’s the same stuff they use to whip your cream, and keep food fresh, but I do agree it can sounds a little scary when you see it but don’t worry from what we’ve found out it’s safe.

The design of the TWIST looks to be quite ergonomic while looking good too. It uses coffee beans which as you know is a plus for me but it can take the same pods used in the handpresso which means it’s a handy solution whether you’re a beans or pods person.

Just like the Simply Espresso, we haven’t yet had a chance to check this one out in person, but after looking at the videos on their site, I’m definitely keen too.

The TWIST is available through the mypressi store for $169.00.

Images from High Country Press, Handpresso, Stelton and mypressi.

Psst: We’re not paid or perked for this post, we just really love coffee and anything that makes great coffee so we thought we’d share our love of these product with you.

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