Recently I have been doing a lot of development work for a client and this involves ordering prototypes which currently is via rapid prototypes be it SLS or SLA. This is a fascinating industry at the moment as the products and materials are moving at such a fast pace. We even ordered some prototype jewellery here at Quirk made in metal and laser sintered, DMLS, from powdered stainless steel so that we could get a better feel for the actual products.

Well this got me thinking that somewhere in the world there had to be a company using rapid prototyping techniques to make products and unsuprisingly I found a couple. The first is Studio Geenen that make a range of furniture that use SLA to make it much lighter and then add a skin of carbon fibre to add a little more strength.

Pictured above is the stool viewed from underneath and this really does show how little material is used to make it. After all the easiest way to make something light is not to add material in the first place.

The chair has a very similar look but has a cute little kick-up at the back. These way in at around 1kg each.

Studio Geenen have also made a shelf, table and a different chair ( the Dyneema Chair) to make the complete range of the Light-room. It looks more fitting for a sci-fi movie and most definately a talking point for the next dinner party.

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