This product, also found from an article in Develop3D, should win an award just because of the name – NUTS. Why? Well its an accessory for an Apple iPhone and they have not added an ‘i’ at the front of the name. It seems that marketing departments around the world think that if there new little gem has an ‘i’ at the front of the name it will sell, yes but its the good design that sells more. Just think Apple could have named the iPod the Dung-beetle and it would have still sold.

Anyway back to NUTS, its a waterproof case for the iPhone and not just a splashproof or scratch resistant cover but a fully functional waterproof cover. So now you can enjoy, mountain biking, kayaking, surfing and your phone can go with you. But at the same time you can still do all the normal things, so make calls, use the touchscreen and take photos.

For more information head over to Okoqu.

Images from Okoqu.

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