With the start of the new year we’ve of course set ourselves some goals and resolutions (you can read about them here), along with our business goals we’ve also put together some personal goals, my biggest being a wardrobe makeover. I’m no Carrie Bradshaw, although if I had unlimited funds I probably would be given my LOVE of shoes but I do what I can in the fashion field and like everyone, I like to look good because it makes me feel good. My wardrobe however has gotten a little left behind with the times and with moving, packing and my increasingly busy schedule, I’ve forgotten to take the time to look after myself and my wardrobe, so top personal priority for me is to get back my snazzy style (yes I did just use a daggy word to describe my style) and feel good when I open the wardrobe doors.

The problem with proclaiming such a big resolution is that not only do I need to follow through with it, which isn’t the part that scares me, but the part that does is how on earth do I go about creating an entire wardrobe almost from scratch without a lotto win?

As most people of the modern age I first turned to Google for some advice and inspiration and although I came across a few posts worth reading, they generally read along the lines of, throw out what doesn’t fit, donate what you don’t like and sell what you’ve never worn, then go and buy these 10 pieces, usually a coat, shirt, pants, jeans, t-shirt, dress, skirt, scarf and a couple other bits.

Although quite logical advice, my problem was that we currently live in a small town made up of either young teenagers or elderly people so as you can imagine the clothing selection is pretty slim, and for the clothes I’ve got in great but never worn condition I’d love to donate them to charity or sell them but there aren’t the facilities here.

So clearing out the wardrobe was going to take some time and preparations but there’s still the question of how do I fill it and make it work?

Well let me introduce you to my helping hand…well book actually. You may know Miss Lauren Conrad from such MTV reality TV shows as Laguna Beach and The Hills, but she’s not just you’re average reality star, from screen actress to author to clothing designer, Lauren has certainly removed herself from the general reality TV star pack and shown just what a creative force she can be.

With her latest book, Style, Lauren shows us how her own style has evolved and all the tips and tricks you’ll need to create your own. I was skeptical about this book at first and even though I’ve always liked her sense of style I wasn’t sure if this book was going to give me what I needed, so after putting it out of my mind for a few months, I came across it, surprisingly in english, in a local bookshop. After flicking through the pages and realising this actually had more to offer than just what I thought would be pretty pictures of Lauren promoting her own clothing lines, I made the quick decision to buy it and lucky for me I haven’t looked back.

It’s been Written and laid out in a relaxed style that makes you feel happy to carry on reading rather than feeling as though you’re been given a lecture. The pictures are all great and outfits are put together to give you an idea of just how to go about putting one together yourself using what you’ve got which is definitely an area I need some help in.

What I love about this book is that even though the start of the book shows the same sort of 10 key pieces you should have, it follows on by showing how you can mix and match these key pieces, how you can take one key piece like your little black dress and wear it five different ways and how to accessorise. It doesn’t stop there, you’re also given style advice for your hair, face and how to look your best in photos.

It’s  much more detailed book than I had originally given it credit for and it’s given me the encouragement to put give my wardrobe and my style a tough review so I can build on what’s already there.

One thing I do pride myself on is being able to pack a lot of stuff into a small suitcase. It probably helps that I”m just over 5ft so things like pants and jeans fit quite easily, but if you’re one to pack way too much into a suitcase only to find once at your destination that you didn’t pack anything useful, then this book comes in handy once again. Lauren covers her pitfulls and triumphs in travel and lists the packing essentials for summer, winter, weekend, or long haul getaways.

I really love this book and I’m so glad I bought it. If you’re looking for advice with any part of your personal style or putting together a fabulous wardrobe, I’d highly recommend it.

You can purchase Lauren’s book Style from Amazon, Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble or Books A Million.

Psst: We’re not paid or perked to review this book or any other product, I just really enjoyed this book and wanted to share it with you.

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