With the birth of our best friends new bubba this week, we got talking and thinking about baby products, what we liked, didn’t like, wanted and would need one day. Babies are BIG business with products designed and marketed to tug on the heart strings of parents, family members and friends whether the item is needed or not. It’s easy to walk into a baby store and head straight to the big shiny signs that tell you that you MUST have this product or that product even though you probably don’t need it.

One thing you definitely will need is a place for baby to rest their head and just as with all baby products, you can go from cheap and cheerful through to lottery win price tags. Thankfully these days there is a growing trend for multi-function pieces which is great for the budget as you’ll get one product, such as a bed, that can be used two or three ways allowing not only costs savings, but a boost in your eco credentials given that you’re not having to throw away and buy additional furniture.

As with the majority of clucky females, I’ve done my fair share of hunting down the products I’d love to buy one day and with our best friends becoming first time parents, we’ve had a great excuse to mooch around baby stores and sites not only to get them some great gifts but to understand the design of products, how they work, why they work and if form and function can really co-exist.

There’s plenty of parenting review sites for baby products out there written by experienced and first time parents so we’re not going to head down that path, what we want to look at is the clever world of multifunctional cribs. Why? Because we love products that have multiple functions. Too much gets thrown away these days and wherever possible we try to stick with the 3 R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It makes sense if we’re sticking to that philosophy we should automatically have a love for anything multifunction, which luckily we do.

Psst: I’ll let you in on a little secret…we love multifunction so much that we’re currently designing a piece of multifunction furniture ourselves. More to come on that one.

One of our favourite brands that seems to take multifunction very seriously is Norwegian brand, Stokke. We are absolutely in love with their products. Not only do they have the clean, simple Scandinavian look that we love, it’s all very practical but still beautiful. Each piece is pricey but given that they all grow with your child, with some of them lasting all the way through adulthood, it seems a pretty good investment to me.

Since we’re talking beds, Stokke’s aptly named Sleepi, transforms itself (well, with your help) from a small newborn mini bed all the way into a junior bed perfect for older kids up to 10 years of age. Don’t be fooled into thinking that’s the only versatile product in your baby’s rooms, they also have a changing table which turns into a proper and quite cool looking desk when the nappy changes have come to an end.

Another brand we love is the Australian Company Ubabub, cute name eh? They have two cribs the Pod and Nifty but I can’t decide which I love more.

The pod has a very cool rounded shape with clear daisy panels which stops tiny hands and arms from getting caught between the traditional slats.

The Nifty comes with either the traditional slats or the same clear panels that appear on the Pod, but with those gorgeous angled feet and crisp looking rectangle shape I just love it. Not only do both of these cribs look great but they, like the Stokke Sleepi, grow with your child and look fabulous doing so. The other bonus of these two beds is that once they’re converted into junior beds, they are closer to the ground than most kids beds which should make the transition a little easier for your little one.

So what do you think? Is multifunction furniture the way to go or is there still a trend to have individual pieces? We’d love to know what you think, so leave us a comment below.

Images from Enterprising Moms Network, Stokke and Ubabub.

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