Wandering through the world of the web can have you stumbling upon all sorts of things, so you thought at the end of each week you might like to see some of the things we’ve stumbled across.

Booty Bra by Bubbles

Booty Bra
Bring out the Bootylicious goodness in you. For men and women, these booty lifting bras from Bubbles, give you the butt you’ve always wanted.
Where did you find me? Gizmag
Where can I buy on? Love My Bubbles

Scrabble Cufflinks by Little Nikita

Scrabble Cufflinks
These scrabble tile cufflinks from Little Nikita come in three colour combinations and would make a great personalised gift for any man.
Where did you find me? Made It
Where can I buy on? Little Nikita Store


While the perfect solution to combat ecological transportation is yet to be designed, EcoMotors are taking matters into their own hands by designing an engine which will cut down on weight and fuel. Oh, did I mention that they are bring backed by a $23.5m boost from Bill Gates?
Where did you find me?
Where can I buy one? Not available yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Brand New

Brand New
If you’re interested in corporate design and brand identity then Brand New, another division of UnderConsideration, is a site you should be checking out.
Where did you find me?
Brand New

Man sits on Crocodile

Man sits on crocodile
Alcohol can have a strange effect on people, some will start doing a crazy dance, some might find a quiet corner to have a sleep and some decide it might be fun to brake into a zoo and sit on a crocodile. Unsurprisingly, the man was bitten.
Where did you find me?
Yahoo News

Images from Gizmag, MadeIt, Autoblog, Brand New and Yahoo News.

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