There are a lot of sites out there that spark the imagination and keep us coming back for more. One such site is Yanko Design. Everyday is filled with the latest in design concepts, from bicycles to the coolest teapot around, there’s always a fresh and innovative product waiting to satisfy your creative hunger. With some many great things on Yanko Design, today we’ve decided to do a his and hers best bits of Yanko Design.


Future Living House

The Future Living House
A design after our own hearts, the living house. Side by side with nature and modern living.

Line Block

Line Block Cable
With the ever increasing amount of cables this is such a simple idea that’s innovative for cable but common on sandwich bags.

Bucefalo Sofa

Bucefalo Sofa
I like this sofa for the clean lines and with the continuous need for somewhere to put books or magazines, this is practical and good looking.

Breeze Racks

Breeze Rack
Coming from the UK the need to dry clothes inside is high so this could be the perfect solution.

Pouring Light

Pouring Light
This is such a simple playful light, it reminds me of the floating tap that poors water without being connected to anything.


Big Eye Needle

Big Eye Needle
Super simple and one of those ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ ideas. I’ve struggled plenty of times trying to thread a needle so the Big Eye Needle would be perfect for me.


A really great way for parents and kids to interact by being able to put it together and decorate it together.

Roly Poly Pot

Roly Poly Pot
Another good kids product, this is a great way to get kids involved with gardening. they can keep an eye on their plants and water them when the pot tilts.

Cargo Scooter

Elliot Ortiz Scooter
This makes so much sense as a single person commuter vehicle. Plenty of storage space although I do have to wonder how it would handle, particularly with a heavy load.


Ein/Tritt Shoe

What kind of woman would I be if I didn’t include a pair of shoes in my list? Aren’t these cool? I love the colours, shapes and origami look to them.

By the way, did we mention that you can also purchase some of the super stylish designs from the Yanko Design Store? That’s right, check it out here.

Images from Yanko Design.

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