The the Paris Motor Show has come and gone so lets have a look at some of my favourite parts of the cars, not complete cars but some standout design pieces.

The Renault Twizzy is an oddball vehicle that is more akin to a 4 wheel BMW C1 than a car, but where other cars have a little bit of vinyl applied to add some individualism to a normal car, Renault have made a covering that would not be out of place in the Tate Modern. The treatment has even been added to the wheel covers to give it a more total look.

Its Paris and as such the French company Renault really put on a show with the futuristic sportscar the DeZir. Yes the silver behind the doors have been taken from the Audi R8 but the side profile and the doors inparticular are the standout stars of this car. Gullwing and scissor doors are not uncommon, Mercedes and Lamborghini both utilise them, but the fact that these are asymetrically hinged are something a little unique. Yes the length of the doors means you need to have a tall garage but that’s why concept cars are just that; concepts.

Keeping on the French theme we have the Citroen Lacoste concept. Convertible cars are not uncommon but the Lacoste has put a new twist on the roof with it coming out from the middle and it inflates. Another best bit of the Lacoste is the simple use of colour and identity. They’ve taken the simple yellow of the Citroen badge and brought it together by incorporating it on other small areas of the Lacoste.

The Maserati MC Stradale has integrated the new front splitter, the flat aerodynamic part at the bottom of the front bumper, into the nose while keeping the normal Maserati grill so well. Most times the splitter is mearly tacked on the lower part of the front bumper but Maserati have faired it into front bumper with what looks like a manta rays mouth opening.

Lotus wowed the crowds and car community by releasing 5 concept cars with a common design language at the  Paris show but the centre console of the Elite really showed great mix of ergonomics and material choice. The way the materials seemed to wrap over the centre from passenger side to drivers makes it driver focused. The aluminium accents disappear into the dash at the ends making it look more solid.

Wheels are a personal thing, from large gold plated versions to white rally inspired design and almost everything in between, but carbon fibre has not been commonly used yet outside of motorbikes. Lamborghini’s Sesto Elemento concept really got the design engineer inside of me revved up with the shape and detail on there wheels, from the weave direction to the large centre nut it all flowed so easily.

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Images from Mondial Automobile, Autoblog, Car Advice and Hanks Place.

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