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In this day in age with social media, magazines, television and films we are constantly exposed to over-photoshopped, over made up and over styled everything! So it’s no wonder that so many of our...

Save Edit Delete - Getting the best from your blog

Save Edit Delete!

We’ve been blogging for sometime now and with running a blog and being the creative type, there’s always going to be site revamps. At the moment we are doing exactly that, we’ve got a...


A change is as good as a Holiday

We’re making some big and exciting changes to our website, blog and shop. Things might look a little strange, so please bear with us while we make these changes.


The Business Blues

As is usual in Melbourne, the weather this week has been all over the place and while the sunshine has been glorious, I’d be quite happy not to see anymore rain or hail. I’m...

Win Lose

You Win Some You Lose Some

Apparently you guys love hearing about business related stuff so after the success of last weeks post all about Working In or On Your Business, I’m back again with another business balance post. Taking...


Matters of the Heart

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know that for the month of September we’re giving back. For the whole of this month, $5.00 from each print sold in our shop...

08 movember


Yep that’s right folks it’s that time of year again wear men the world over hide their razors and praise the Mo. It’s Movember time and once again we’ll be doing our part in...

028 sauna


So when you think of Sweden you think of pine trees, snow and sauna’s! Well these saunas and the companies hottubs look so cute with that all the wood. We saw these at a...

033 blog


Just to let you all know that this week Matt will be off to London to attend the Product Design and Innovation conference and boy is he excited. Its not a surprise considering the...



We must apologise for our slackness of late in posting but things have been manic in our day to day jobs as well as Quirk & Oddity News. We have a huge long list of...