So do you remember the computer games Frogger and PacMan well this table from Atomare really reminds me of the two games, from the bright green to the big open mouth, maybe its the table version of Kermit the Frog!! The Ogo is covered in rubber so would have an interesting feel compared to what you would expect.

The Omega chair and table have that striking contrast of colour that really makes the shape stand out. I like the tables two integrated shelves made by the legs, but depending on the distance between the legs it could feel a little cramped. The flat seat could be a little painful on the bum over time but from a design aesthetic I like it.

Now if we are looking for some striking furniture what about this Groove chair from them? That deep red on the inside is a big contrast to the yellow on the outer edge. All wrapped up in big upholstered cushioning. Bold design won’t suit all people but its needed in some places to lift the ambience.

Now Atomare say this light has the expression of an oversized, glowing sunflower, to me the centre would need to be much bigger. Whatever flower it reminds you of it does have a nice look to it and I can only assume that the gaps in between the petals would make a really nice pattern on the surrounding area.

I might have given you the impression that Atomare are only a furniture company but they are not and this is the PodPay to proove so. Its a little speaker system for your iPod thats got that cheeky grin on it and is covered in foam. I love the big contrasting ears on it and those arms and legs give it a real personality.

You can head over to their website, here, to find out more about them and look at the other designs.

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