You all know of our huge obsession with FRED with posts like this and this, so when we came across this FRED-like company, lets just say we were hooked. We love when designers are able to take everyday mundane objects and give them a new fun and unique style and Artlebedev are now exception. While we don’t condone weapons of any sort, we’ll okay maybe just in the icecube tray variety, we do think that the pistol dog lead is pretty funny, although you might get a few puzzled strangers call the cops on you thinking you’re about to shot your dog, so maybe this one would be best left off the Christmas wishlist.

I’m a sucker for an optical illusion so when I checked out the Transparentius, I thought it was hilarious. Then I thought, ‘man that’s funny, but could be a bit deadly on the road’ but then I read what the Transparentius was all about. In an attempt to enchance road safety, Artlebedev, devloped a system for trucks that uses cameras attached to it’s front that then project to the rear allowing drivers behind to get a good look at what’s coming up ahead. While I think that people should learn to be more patient and instead of trying to overtake a truck in a place that is clearly dangerous, I can see the practicality of having a system like this in place. Just as vehicle engineering has had to make way for motorists actions in other areas of the car, this too could become another standard safet feature.

For those who love modern art, nothing stands out as more modern than Composition in Red, Yellow, Blue and Black by Piet Mondrian from 1921. It’s sharp, bold colours and shapes opitimise to me the bold stance that modern design has made on the world. So what does this have to do with Artlebedev? If you’re a big fan of the painting why not keep one at office with this handy Mondrian inspired organiser. A great gift idea too for any art fans.

Speaking of office accessories, I don’t think I need to do anymore other than show you this super gorgeous, sleek and simple tape dispenser.

There’s even more unique products on their site so don’t forget to check it out.

Images from Artlebedev.

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