Last week Lisa did a post about greening up your desk, read it here, and it got me looking at other little products for greening up places when I found April Showers, a comic book looking product that is a seed impregnated sheet.

Conceptually its very similar to the Matchstick garden but instead it comes in 2 sheets of the seeded paper and the cover. Its pretty easy stuff, get a pot, add some soil, cut the paper to fit, cover in some soil, add water and put on window sill. Ta dah. They say it can also be planted directly in the ground. Below you can see the 3 pots I have with the paper in waiting for the soil.

Don’t worry we will keep you posted on the growing of all these plants in the coming weeks.

Its probably not so much of a surprise that the company that makes April Showers also distributes the Eggling and Matchstick garden and they are Noted.

We just like a little greenery around us, which is why we do not get paid to bring you these posts.

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