I have looked at many fireplaces over the years in peoples homes, magazines, shows and hotels and the lovely flickering flame is always romantic and warming to my heart most seem to either be modern or old fashioned, but thankfully after6studio have designed a fireplace with some flare (and plenty of flame) which also have a shelving area. It looks like it would work well in a few different places with the use of various materials to match the decor.

Well if you are going to be by a fire you might as well sit in comfort and the Flo chair is something different, from the sturdy curving wooden base to the single pain of glass for the back rest it oozes individual. Being glass it would allow you a nice view through so would also work great over looking a beach or vantage point. A corresponding stool/leg rest is also shown but I am not as convinced on it as the chair.

I was brought up on seeing dot matrix computers in TV shows and printings and then all the Roman mosaics around England and Europe really but little squares into my head as a design style and the table above has that on every side. I have not found much information about it so from the light being thrown onto the floor I assume that there are lights inside, maybe they could do a funky dance to the music light old graphic equalizers or the old screen savers?? Party on.

Oh well 3 very different designs, its just a shame that I cannot find more about the products themselves.

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