Every now and then you come across some furniture that is just a little different, such as the Eden Furniture we posted last week here, but Andrea Felice of AF Design use wood and metals to make handcrafted furniture with a twist. For example a normal side cupboard, simple 2 doors, OK lets jazz it up a bit by making from metal. Not enough, how about the handles look like thorny stems from a rose. Now thats a twist.

Keeping to the metal theme the above cabinet has the tessellated look of many little parts but in fact some are combined to make few doors or drawer fronts. The actual material Andrea has used in copper, the different textures are added to break up the look even further. It would certainly add some warmth to a colder warehouse apartment.

Now a mix of materials and in this case the table is made from oak and stainless steel. I really like the way the steel has been embedded into the legs, what can be a hard looking material really looks very inviting with the roundness and surrounded by the oak.

The TV unit is made from black walnut and the main picture does not show off the soft detail finishes that have been put into it. Look at the lower right and you will see the rounded corner is actually a small separate piece. The step of the 2 levels reminds me of a stack of books, the bound end then the pages, then the bound end again.

AF Design have other pieces to look at and no doubt will be exhibiting at shows in London again this year, so check out their website or head over to their blog.

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