So when you think of Sweden you think of pine trees, snow and sauna’s! Well these saunas and the companies hottubs look so cute with that all the wood. We saw these at a home show in Goteborg late last year and really like them, they were a bit too heavy to carry out the door though. They look like a big beer barrel on its side, but they can also be a very big beer barrel. Depending on what size you get then you can get a changing room, little shower area and the main sauna area. The heater we saw was wood fired with a little flap to the outside to get more wood. It really was so adorable we just had to show it.

The hot tub is also a big wooden version, with the seats inside. In the photo above the heater is the boxed area on the right, there is an extension tube that comes out to let the smoke out much higher up. These also come in different sizes and have a cover for keeping things out when not in use. Yes there are no bubbles or jets but without the noise you can chat far more easily and the warm/hot water can be so relaxing.

You can find out more information over at the website here. Most of the detailed information is in Swedish but they have links to Germany and English sites.

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